Hi, I'm Jenna.

The common thread that links my experiences is an underlying interest in the human condition. This fundamental curiosity of people—what they do, why they do it—has influenced my study of psychology and sociology, my involvement in the field of healthcare, and ultimately, my interest in UX.

My experience working at a digital agency has taught me to approach my work with this same spirit of curiosity. With each new project, I ask the fundamental questions: who are our users? What are they trying to accomplish? Why are they trying to accomplish it? What is getting in their way of accomplishing it? In addition, I try to move beyond these questions and look at each problem through a sociological and psychological lens.

Moving forward, I would like to combine my interests in psychology, sociology, and user experience even further. I believe the user experience framework can be applied to solve major societal issues and rethink social systems—healthcare and criminal justice, for example—in the same way it is utilized to help corporations, organizations, and companies solve their digital needs. 👫


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